What is the Wash, Dry & Fold process?​

We will weigh the laundry and give you a quote and time on sight. On average, your laundry will be ready for pick-up and delivery on the day of.

​What if I forgot to bring any detergent/fabric softener/laundry bags?

We have a dispenser where you can purchase detergent, fabric softer and laundry bags. All are $1 or less.​​

I think I lost something at Barrie Laundry Centre, is there a lost & found?

We have a lost & found at the front and back of the store. If it is not there, we have a video surveillance system to help you trace back. 

Why was my rubber mat/pet bed turned away?

We want to make sure you have a great experience here at Barrie Laundry Centre and want to ensure that you and future customers continue to have quality washing and drying machines. In the rare case that we turn away items for washing/drying, it is because the product may cause damage to our machines for future use.​

How do I give customer feedback to Barrie Laundry Centre?

We'd love to hear your thoughts on how we can improve! You can e-mail us at  barrielaundrycentre@yahoo.com